AER Compact Mobile
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AER Compact Mobile

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  • Vermogen (watt rms): 60 W/4 ohm
  • Aantal Kanalen: 2
  • Electronica: 2 u. 3-band EQ
  • LF-/Breedband-Driver: 1 x 8"

AER Compact Mobile · Combo Akoestisch

AER Compact Mobile

Compact classic pro: To boldly go...
One channel acoustic amplifier for classical instruments. Pre amp section with 6 presets, by DIP switch addressable. Balanced mic-input stage, 48 volt phantom power. Three band tone controls and 32 bit AER classic effect processor with bass parametric and Q-switch.

The new Compact Professional line with its Compact Classic targets classical instruments. We would like to invite musicians to let themselves in for acoustic amplification and thus we are offering a small but fine AER solution. We are, of course, aware that this task is very difficult, the instruments are more delicate, the sound is more characteristic, the playing technique is more important and moreover the musicians are more demanding. But (all) this it is what makes it so challenging.
´All I need is a control button,´ and ´I do not want to be bothered with all this technical stuff.´
Wide-spread opinions.

At the same time the individuality of the instruments, the environments, and the ideas of sound have to be taken into account. Here we put our stakes on the musicians and their interests to wade through these obstacles if the outcome is justified.


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