Boomwhackers BWPG Pentatonic Set

Boomwhackers BWPG Pentatonic Set

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  • Pentatonische Set
  • Tuned Percussion Tubes are tuned tubes made of almost indestructible plastic
  • Can be played by anyone immediately. Boomwhackers are simply played against each other, on a table, on the floor, in the hand, etc. Blades sound different depending on the surface, but always a tuned sound
  • Modell BW-PG: Pentatonisch, c', d', e', g', a', c"
  • Stemming: Pentatonisch
  • Stemming: c', d', e', g', a', c"
  • Aantal Tonen: 6
  • Bereik/Toonhoogte: C' - C"
  • Te Gebruiken Voor: Early music education, nursery, schools, music therapy, group games and much more
  • Materiaal: Kunststof
  • Gemaakt in: USA
  • Produktcode: BWPG
  • Inbegrepen: Set of 6 Tubes

Boomwhackers BWPG Pentatonic Set · Boomwhackers

Whackymusic Boomwhackers Pentatonic Set
New! Boomwhackers tuned percussion tubes are fun for everyone. This pentatonic set includes 6 notes C-D-E-G-A-C each made of a different color. Strike the tubes against a surface or against each other to create whacky percussion sounds and a lot of fun. Bass, chromatic, and bass/chromatic add on sets available! We recommend that every school, home, church and workplace have at least one boomwhacker set available for fun, music making, and stress relief!


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