Hohner Special 20 C

Hohner Special 20 C, Richter-harmonica

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Richter-harmonica • Toonsoort: C • Stemming: Majeur • Aantal Stemtongen: 20 • Uitvoering deksel: RVS • Body materiaal: Kunststof • Materiaal rietplaat: Messing • Dikte rietplaat: 0,9 mm • Lengte: ca. 10 cm • Bijzonderheden: verzonken rietplaten • Accessoires: Instrument doosje • Special 20 Classic, C-major from Hohner Hohner is committed to continually improving and upgrading quality in the tried and proven product lines. In order to offer traditional harp stylists that true vintage sound, they have invested heavily in retooling their production facilities for diatonic Richter instruments to minimize air loss, improve response and increase volume. The result is their exclusive ‘Handmade’ range, ideal for the discerning blues, country or jazz player. These top-of-the-line diatonic models are manufactured entirely by hand. Ideal for folk and country music. Black plastic comb, brass reedplates secured with 6 screws for maximum airtightness. Nickel plated covers, closed sides for smooth, warm tone. Key: C-major Reeds: 20 Reed plates: Brass 0.9 mm Comb: Plastic